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Ledlenser headlamps and torches remain synonymous with advanced and reliable illumination technology. A relentless pursuit of perfection to develop the best portable lighting puts Ledlenser at the forefront of bright solutions.

Ledlenser headlamps and torches offer the remedy to low visibility and darkness. Many models enjoy a flexible range of use, being equally at home in the bush or at the beach. Fishing from the rocks, or fishing for solutions under the bonnet of a car, Ledlenser is your bright spark.

A world-leading manufacturer of portable LED lighting products, Ledlenser is an expert in high-quality illumination for all sectors and interests.


Ledlenser lights are a technological sensation. Designed in Germany, they have revolutionised personal lighting with their incredible brightness, range and burn time. Ledlenser work tirelessly to further develop their technological edge. This is why they already have over 100 patents. And there are no doubt 100 more to come.

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