About Ledlenser

Ledlenser is a world leader in technologically advanced, high-calibre LED headlamps and rechargeable torches.

Designed in Germany, Ledlenser continues to revolutionise personal lighting with a commitment to incredible brightness, range, and burn time.

Ledlenser’s wide range of rechargeable torches and headlamps ensures a model for every occasion. Whether you require light for peering under the bonnet of your car, or one that can illuminate entire hillsides, Ledlenser has you covered.

As a guarantee of their quality, Ledlenser rechargeable torches, headlamps, and lanterns feature a 7-year extended warranty.


Many revolutionary products first saw the light of day in a garage. Such was the case of the first Ledlenser. When Harald and Rainer Opolka founded the company Zweibrüder Optoelectronics in 1993, they didn’t have much more than a garage and a great idea. Nothing would stop them from turning night into day with their flash of genius.

Hard work and dedication saw their dream become a reality. Today, the backyard business is an international headlamp and rechargeable torch producer.

Ledlenser is unmatched on a global scale with over 1,500 employees. Ledlenser strives for greatness. Each new release embraces innovation with a top-quality finish. There is a clear focus on incorporating sustainable energy sources and environmentally-friendly technology.