Maintenance Tips

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Storing rechargeable models

Rechargeable Ledlenser headlamps and torches should be stored with at least 40-60% charge. When storing for long periods, they should be recharged at least once every 3 months. This will assist with prolonging the life and performance of the batteries.

Storing non-rechargeable models

When storing headlamps and torches for extended periods, we recommend that the batteries are removed to prevent damage caused by leaking batteries.

Cleaning your Ledlenser

For cleaning, please use a dry, lint-free, clean cloth. If salt water is spilled on the lamp, it must be removed entirely and immediately with such a cloth. Cleaning the lens with some window cleaner and a clean cloth will improve light output.

Choose your batteries wisely

We highly recommend using only high quality alkaline batteries manufactured by well-known global brands. Ledlenser products have a high output, and therefore require high quality batteries to function properly.