Light Up Your Adventure

Light Up Your Adventure

Setting out on an off-grid overnight trip requires a lot of planning in advance, to ensure you’ll be safe, as well as comfortable. How you light up the dark is just one of the many decisions you’ll have to make before you hit the road, so let's make it easy and highlight the top three types of lighting you’ll need for your van, camper, trailer, or tent experience. 


A reliable and rechargeable headlamp is more than just a nice to have on the road, it is valuable task-lighting as you move around the campsite, cook dinner, or search through your belongings. So essential, we think that if you pack just one lighting tool we recommend it be a headlamp.  

We love: HF4R Core Rechargeable Headlamp - sleek and lightweight, perfect for everyday use with two perfect mid range brightness settings, a generous 500 lumens when you need it and a gentle 20 lumens when you don’t want to wake the whole camper up. 

Hand torch 

A handheld torch is an all-purpose workhorse, guaranteed to be used daily, from finding the ablution block to checking out that strange noise you just heard, you’ll find dozens of occasions to turn on a handheld when you’re out and about.  

We love: P7R Signature Rechargeable Torch - unparalleled robustness and durability with a waterproof rating of IP68 (waterproof to over 1 metre) and a hard-anodized coating, this torch can stand up to the demands of life on the road, with a massive 2000 lumens on boost and eight different light functions.


If you’re setting out with the intention of sleeping in a van or horsefloat then quality lighting is a priority to avoid feeling like you’re living in a dark box. You’ll find the most flexibility from a rechargeable lantern that is both practical and ambient, offering a range of brightness and warmth settings. A handy hook feature is also recommended for greater applications. 

We love: ML4 Warm Light Rechargeable Lantern - This little powerhouse offers the best ambient lighting, casting a soft and glare-free glow, creating a cosy atmosphere in any season. Dual Power Technology means options aplenty, as the ML4 Warm Light can be operated with either the included rechargeable battery or standard AA batteries. 

As LED lighting does not generate heat or gas, a Ledlenser model is safer in small spaces while also enjoying an extended burn time. Look for rechargeable models to keep the lights on when you don’t have access to mains power.


Bonus lighting suggestion: 

The new AF Work series is so versatile, with handy magnetic and hanging attachment features the AF4R is a smaller rechargeable area light model with a huge range of applications that prove invaluable when mains lighting is not on hand. Stick it to the exterior of your camper, the interior of your trailer, or the side of your car. Hang it from a tree or gazebo, or stand it up on the folding table while you prepare a meal. The adjustable temperature gauge will assist with ambient lighting, and there is a massive 20 hours of burn time available.

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