May The Fourth Be With Your Maimai

May The Fourth Be With Your Maimai

Duck hunting season in New Zealand is fast approaching! Opening weekend is May 4th, 2024, so it is time to get prepared. Birds, including ducks and geese, see a wider range of the light spectrum than humans, in addition to enjoying better overall low-light vision. To bag the best haul this year avoiding detection is paramount, requiring stealth and skill. 

Making this your best-ever duck hunting season could come down to what kind of headlamp or torch you’re taking to the blind, so let’s dive into the key features to look for as you prepare to head out before dawn. 

Brightness: Look for a torch or headlamp with enough brightness to illuminate your decoy spread. For duck hunting, you'll want a torch with a high lumen output to provide sufficient light, especially during early morning or late evening hunts.

Recommended product: H19R Signature Rechargeable Headlamp or P18R Signature Rechargeable Torch


Beam range: A longer beam distance allows you to see objects from further afield, which can be beneficial for scanning the water or spotting ducks in the distance. Occasionally, it is also cool just to be the one with the biggest reach.

Recommended product: H15R Core Rechargeable Headlamp or P7R Signature Rechargeable Torch

Highly Waterproof: Condensation kills electronics not designed for duck hunting. The harsh outdoor conditions for a blind usually include water, mud, and rough terrain, so moisture-blocking construction is imperative. Last year a local hunter lost their torch to the swamp, only to recover it months later, still operational! Look for gear with a waterproof rating of IPX7 or IPX8, which indicates the tool is reliably water PROOF, rather than water RESISTANT. 

Recommended product: HF4R Core Rechargeable Headlamp or P5R Work Rechargeable Torch

Size and Weight: If your secret maimai is a hike away you’ll need to torch that is lightweight and easy to carry. Balance this with recharging ability and you’ll have yourself a winner! 

Recommended product: MH5 Rechargeable Headlamp or P4 Core Torch

Battery: Burn time can be a key deciding feature if you’re spending hours in the blind with your buddies. For those overnight missions, a lantern can be handy, but a lantern with the ability to charge your phone off is undeniably essential. 

Recommended product: ML6 Connect Warm Light Rechargeable Lantern

Beam Flexibility: Set yourself up for success by eliminating single-function beam style lighting. The ability to switch between both flood and spot beams is essential. Auto focusing technology will deliver a truly handsfree experience, so you can switch easily between focused close tasks and wide range beam and get those birds.

Recommended product: HF8R Core Rechargeable Headlamp

Night vision: Some passionate duck hunters swear by red lights to preserve night vision as well as avoid detection from ducks before the sun comes up. A headlamp with a beam colour range including red and green provides the option to test the theory yourself. 

Recommended product:  MH11 Rechargeable Headlamp or T2QC Torch

Duck hunting season varies from region to region across NZ, so make sure you’re up to date with any rules or regulations specific to your area, tag us in your adventures, and have a safe and successful season!  

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