• 900 Lumens

    HF8R Core

    If you want the latest tech, then this is it!

    The groundbreaking Adaptive Light Beam Technology enables automatic dimming and focusing for hands-free use and the Digital Advanced Focus System allows for effortless adjustability of the beam to your desired precision level.

  • 300 Lumens

    HF4R Core

    Light on weight (72g!) and the wallet.

    The HF4R Core is an elevated entry model that features Dual Fusion technology to effortlessly switch between flood and spotlight with the click of a button. Includes all the essential features - IP68, rechargeable, transport lock, battery status indicator and more.

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  • 600 Lumens

    H7R Core

    New Zealand’s favourite headlamp.

    The H7R Core offers you a versatile, powerful, focusable, and continuously dimmable headlamp. Intuitive design delivers straightforward operation, while the durable housing stands up to the rigours of the NZ bush.

  • 400 Lumens


    Incredibly versatile.

    The MH8 can be used as headlamp or a handheld. Run it with the included rechargeable lithium ion batteries or pop in a couple of standard AA’s. Five light functions are complemented by three colour light options (red, blue,green).

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  • 90 Lumens

    P3 Core

    Compact and lightweight.

    This torch is perfect to clip into a belt, or slip into a day bag. Durable housing and an IP54 rating make this little pocket rocket an essential for anyone heading outdoors.

  • 1,000 Lumens

    P7R Core

    The perfect all rounder.

    Protected against water and dust thanks to Ledlenser’s Flex Sealing Technology, the P7R Core is not afraid of hard work. It can even be used underwater for a short time! Ideal for the hunt and the hut.

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  • 150 Lumens


    Taking ultra compact to the next level.

    The ML4 is tiny in size, yet throws a massive 300 lumens on boost, more than enough to illuminate your camp kitchen. Flexible power sourcing (included rechargable battery or single standard AA) and convenient built in carabiner hook delivers the perfect little camp lantern.

  • 550 Lumens

    ML6 Connect

    Can charge your phone!

    It is a combination lantern and power bank with 360° lighting and device connectivity. Charge your phone with the incredible powerbank function while you easily set up the tent, enjoying the glare-free glow of this hardy and adaptable Roar essential.

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