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ML6 Connect Warm Light Rechargeable Lantern

ML6 Connect Warm Light Rechargeable Lantern

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Magnetic Charge System
Quickly and easily, attach and deattach the charging cable for safe charging.
Smart Light Technology
With Smart Light Technology you can configure the functions of your lamp as you wish.
Temperature Control System
Ledlenser headlamps will never get hot or overheat regardless of how much you use them.

A combination lantern and power bank with 360° lighting and device connectivity.

The Ledlenser ML6 Connect Warm Light bridges the gap between superior lighting, device connectivity and control. The ML6’s groundbreaking Micro Prism technology diffuses light and creates a glare-free, warm light. Perfect for sitting around the campsite, in a tent or even out on the boat.

The additional red light function is ideal for preserving your night vision or alerting others to your presence.

Magnetic charging keeps the lantern secure from dust and water and makes charging ports a thing of the past. The magnetic base and fold out rubber hook allows you to position the lantern in every environment and situation.

With either the free downloadable Ledlenser Connect App, or the wearable wrist remote you can control your light via your device and save preset functions to tailor the lantern to your needs. If you have other devices in need of charge the multi-purpose ML6 powerbank function will provide that extra peace of mind.

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Beam Range

Burn Time





750 lm
550 lm
100 lm
5 lm
3 hr
12 hr
180 hr

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Water resistance IP66

Weight 260g

Height 178mm

Head diameter 45mm

Tube diameter 39mm

Battery Li-ion 3.7V rechargeable (included)

Battery capacity 3000mAh

SLT Light Functions Boost, High, Mid, Low, Pulse, Blink, S.O.S, Strobe, Position

Recharge time 5 hours

Also in the box Storage pouch, magnetic charging cable, battery, remote switch, stand


Smart Light Technology (SLT) - Offers 9 light functions (boost, high, mid, low, pulse, blink, S.O.S, strobe, position)

Bluetooth device connectivity - Allows for personalised settings including a timer, etc.

Powerbank - Extra USB port so the lantern can be used as a powerbank.

Red light option - Independent red light that preserves night vision.

Micro Prism Technology - Disperses light and reduces glare.

Fluorescent elements - Elements remain illuminated to make it easy to find your lantern in the dark.

Magnetic Charge System for quick and easy recharging - Recharges in 300 minutes via magnetic contacts without having to remove the battery.

Transport lock - Prevents the light from being switched on by accident – a great feature for storing in a pack.

Energy status indicator- Battery indicator, charge indicator, low battery warning, energy saving mode.

Memory function - Lamp will turn back on to the last light setting used.

Temperature Control System - Cools the light down so it never overheats


This product is covered by an industry-leading 2-year standard warranty, which can be extended to 7 years by registering your product. Product must be registered online within 12 weeks from the purchase date to be eligible for the extended 5-year warranty. This warranty does not cover abuse, alteration, theft, loss, or unauthorised and/or unreasonable use of your Ledlenser product. This warranty does not cover sheaths, accessories, imprinting, or colour finishes.