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EXH6R Headlamp

EXH6R Headlamp

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The compact EXH6R professional headlamp provides adjustable light in explosive environments. Combined with the correct accessories the unit is easy to mount on a work helmet and provides bright, reliable illumination at both short and long distances.

The EXH6R sets itself apart with its integrated battery which can be replaced when necessary and features a status LED along with a separate, professional charging cradle. In a time of low battery, the lamp emits a light signal and provides sufficient remaining run time to safely leave the work area. The battery is located at the back of the head to ensure ideal even weight distribution; the battery can also be attached to clothing or equipment using an extension cable.

ATEX Certificate SGS22ATEX0039
IEC Ex Certificate IECEx BAS 22.0027

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Beam Range

Burn Time





250 lm
50 lm
170 m
90 m
3 hr
15 hr

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Water resistance IP68

Weight (incl. batteries) 330g

Head diameter 56mm

Batteries Lithium 3.7v 1900mAh rechargeable (included)

Recharge time 3.5 hours


Compact, versatile headlamp for explosive environments

Separate LEDs for a focused high beam or a homogeneous, glare-free working light at close range

Lamp head swivels in both directions for individual adjustment of the light beam

Superb protection against dust and water: IP68

Integrated, replaceable battery with professional charging station for mounting in workshops or vehicles

Integrated battery, and charge level indicator


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