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Helmet Connecting Kit H

Helmet Connecting Kit H

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With the Helmet Connecting Kit Type H from Ledlenser it is very easy to reliably mount compatible head torches on helmets. Thanks to hook-and-loop straps, the system can be quickly, conveniently and flexibly attached to bicycle helmets and other helmets with ventilation slots. Alternatively, strong adhesive pads can be used. Thanks to the Ledlenser Connecting System, the lamp can easily be attached to the bracket to perfectly illuminate the surroundings.

Safely and securely mount any compatible Ledlenser headlamps to any helmet featuring ventilation slots thanks to the kit's hook-and-loop straps. Compatible with: H15R Core, H15R Work, H19R Core, H19R Signature, H5 Core, H5R Core, H5R Work, H7R Core, H7R Signature and H7R Work.

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Length (mm) 48

Width (mm) 71

Height (mm) 31

Weight (g) 22

Material Plastic