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Magnetic Charging Cable (P&H, HF, NEO) USB-C

Magnetic Charging Cable (P&H, HF, NEO) USB-C

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This magnetic charging cable allows safe and easy charging of all compatible Ledlenser products that feature Ledlenser’s Magnetic Charging System.

Alongside magnetic contact, the charging cable also comes with a standard USB-C plug.

Compatible with Ledlenser P&H Series, HF Series, H5R Core/Work, H7R Core/Work/Signature, H15R Core/Work, H19R Core/Signature, P2R Work, P4R Work, P5R Core/Work, P6R Core/Work/Signature, P7R Core/Work/Signature, P18R Work/Signature iF2R/iF3R/iF4R Music

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